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Most such the questions are coming from the guests. Obviously, nobody wants to be cheated.
So if you are considering an immigration to the Republic of Poland, the easiest way get there is the work permit. For the permit first of all you’ll need get the invitation from any polish employer. A lot of companies describes yourself as the polish employer and offers a lot of services, charging the money for the nonexistent services and disappears as soon as both at once. Such the shameless acts are tarnishes the reputation a lot of honest employers. Let’s consider a few ways how do you can protect yourself from such frauderers. How to find the respectable polish immigration company from the many other. We’ll try the easiest way to save your money being at a distance.

All what you need is:
– access to the internet;
– links to the goverment online-databases of the polish companies/employers.

First of all remember that all the polish companies/entrepreneurs regardless the fields of activity has NIP, KRS or PESEL numbers. All of them are registered .

NIP (Numeru Identyfikacji Podatkowej; in English “tax identification number”) – the polish government tax offices use a NIP to recognize the employer/company within their system. The NIP number is issued by each region tax office or “urząd skarbowy”, of which there are literally hundreds. The number is not completely random, being as the first several digits identify the tax office that originally issued it.

KRS((KRS – Krajowy Rejestr Sadowy) – is a centralized database consisting of three separate registers:
– register of entrepreneurs;
– register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health institutions;
– register of insolvent debtors.

The task of KRS is to provide information about the legal status of a registered entity (e.g. a company), the most important elements of its financial position and its representation.

REGON (Rejestr Gospodarki Narodowej) – Number for national statistic purposes.

Companies/enterpreneurs receives such numbers immediately following the entry of their companies’ data into the register, which means that they will be authorized by the polish goverment. They are available for general access. Se let’s check them by our example.

Here’s some links with the goverment domain name (gov.pl), where you can find them by REGON, NIP, KRS, even by the company name or adress.

– Główny Urząd Statystyczny

– Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy

– Krajowy Rejestr Agencji Zatrudnienia

Below you can see the screenshots where are displayed how to find us in Krajowy Rejestr Agencji Zatrudnienia just by our name HELPLAW.


We wish you save your money and trust only to the professionals.


Information about our company’s registration:

Thank you for attention, cincerely HeplLaw’s team.

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